Payment Information


We accept following methods of Payments :

By T.T OR Wire Tranfer OR Bank Tranfer : We accept payments made by T.T. Transfer. We provide all the necessary information to do the transfer. If the Customer has any problem in any sending payment by Wire Transfer we assist him in doing so.

By Western Union : This is another easier method to send payment. The Customers have to visit a Western Union Outlet in their area and send us the payment on the basis of the details that we provide to them.

By Cheque / Demand Draft : Customers can also pay by Check or Draft. But the only drawback in sending payments by this method is that we receive payment in our account about 40 days of receipt of check and only after this the goods will be sent to the customers. So customers have to wait about 3 months after sending the check.

 By PayPal : Customers can also pay by Paypal. We can take payments though Paypal.


The following should be observed while sending the payment by T.T (wire) :

1. Our Account Name must be clearly mentioned in the form filled in for sending the payment.

2. Our Account Number must be clearly mentioned in the form filled in for sending the payment

3. Our Bank's Address and SWIFT code must be clearly mentioned.

4. The Customers are advised to send receipt of transfer either by email or by fax as soon as the transfer is completed.